Hakodate Kokusai Hotel Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

As a hotel operator, Hakodate Kokusai Hotel (hereinafter referred to as “our company” or “we”) sees itself able to be an exemplary model for the proper handling of personal information, and recognizes the importance of doing so. Accordingly, we have established a privacy policy that our staff and executives will abide by, and will do everything possible to protect your personal information and rights.

1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

In acquiring your personal information, we will specify a limited purpose of use. We will only acquire personal information to the degree that it satisfies this purpose.
Your personal information is used within the scope of purpose of use. In addition, our company has established procedures that take the measures necessary to prevent your information from being used for any other purpose.

2. Security Measures for Personal Information

Within the scope necessary to support the purpose of using the personal information we possess, we will take reasonable safety measures to prevent and rectify any issues concerning the leakage, loss, or damage of your personal information, and will work to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date.

3. Legal Compliance

We will comply with all laws, national guidelines, and other norms relating to the handling of your personal information.

4. Complaints or Questions Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

We will address complaints or questions regarding our company’s handling of personal information through the contact listed below.
Hakodate Kokusai Hotel Compliance Team
By Post: 5-10 Ote-machi, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido 040-0064 Japan
E-Mail: privacy@hakodate-kokusai.jp

5. Continual Improvements

We have established a personal information protection management system, which will be periodically reviewed and continually improved.

Handling of Personal Information

Purpose of Use

The personal information acquired by our company is used within the scope of the following purposes.
If we use personal information in ways that exceeds the purposes below, we will obtain consent from the individual regarding the purpose of use (in instances where we have directly acquired their information). If this information has been acquired through other means, we will use the information only after publicizing the purpose of use.

Target Information
Purpose of Use
Personal Information for Hotel Management Operations
• To handle and manage reservations for lodging, dining, and banquets at MYSTAYS Hotel (defined in the section on joint usage) and to provide products and services
• To collect and analyze information to plan and improve products and services
• To provide information on products, services, campaigns, etc., offered by the MYSTAYS Hotel Group (defined in the section on joint usage) through informational letters, emails, etc.
• To manage MYSTAYS Hotel Group member information, to award and manage member points, and to manage and provide services
Personal Information of Suppliers
To manage information on business activities and suppliers
Personal Information of Present/Past Employees
For human resources management and hiring operations
Personal Information of Job Applicants
To contact applicants about screening and acceptance/rejection

Personal Information Retention Period

The company stores customer personal information for the time period required in order to achieve the goals noted in this Policy.

Joint Use of Personal Information

The following personal information is used jointly under strict management and appropriate safety measures in order to provide high value-added services to MYSTAYS Hotel customers and to contact and process payments required for such services:

  1. Parties engaged in joint use of personal information: MYSTAYS Hotel Group business operators (click here to view a list) engaged in administration and operation of the MYSTAYS Hotel (click here to view a list)
  2. Purpose of joint use: As stated above (Purpose of Use of Personal Information).
  3. Personal information items falling under joint usage: Customer name, member number, telephone/fax number, nationality, passport number, address, email address, age, gender, date of birth, MYSTAYS Hotel service usage history, member point information, information received from the customer in order to use MYSTAYS Hotel services, information provided on the company reservation website (including affiliated reservation sites)
  4. Management overseeing jointly shared personal information: MYSTAYS HOTEL MANAGEMENT Co., Ltd.

Requests for Disclosure of Personal Information

  1. If the company receives a request from the individual regarding notification or disclosure of purpose of use, disclosure of records showing a history of provision to third parties or recipients, amendment, addition, or deletion of information, suspension of use, deletion, or suspension of provision to third parties (hereafter “disclosure, etc.”), an in-house investigation of the personal information will be conducted and a response will be provided without delay.
    *Note that in some cases we will be unable to disclose information due to the nature of the request. In such instances we will explain why disclosure is not possible.
  2. For disclosure requests, send a request via post or e-mail following the procedure below. We may be unable to deal with requests that are insufficient or contain incorrect information.
  3. Personal information received in the Personal Information Disclosure Request Form will be used to address your inquiry, and will not be used for any other purpose.

    For Requests Made Directly by Person

    To make a disclosure request, prepare the below documents and send them via post or attached to an e-mail.

    1. Personal Information Disclosure Request Form
      Please write the address, name and phone number of the person making the request, the address, name, and phone number of the person(s) specified in the request, and the type of personal information, details and submission time of the specified person(s).
    2. Identity Verification Documents
      A copy of a document that has a picture of your face verifies your address and name, such as a driver’s license, passport, residence card, etc.

    For Requests by Representative/Agent

    Those requesting disclosure through a legal representative or a contracted agent should also enclose or attach the below documents in addition to the documents noted previously.

    【For Legal Representatives】
    1. Documents Confirming the Right of Legal Representation.
      A copy of family register. -For legal guardians (parents), a copy of one’s health insurance card is also acceptable.
    2. Documents Confirming that the Individual is a Legal Representative.
      A copy of a document that has a picture of your face and verifies your present address and name, such as a driver’s license, passport, residence card, etc.
    【For Delegated Agents】
    1. Power of Attorney Include the signature/seal of both the person delegating the request and the person serving as legal representation.
      Write down your address, phone number, and details regarding the contracted work.
    2. Certification of Seal of the Person Concerned (Issued within 3 Months)
    3. Documents Confirming the Legal Representative being Contracted.
      A copy of a document that has a picture of your face and verifies your present address and name, such as a driver’s license, passport, residence card, etc.

*For details on disclosure, contact the Disclosure Request Desk

Inquiries on Personal Information / Disclosure Request Desk

Name :
Hakodate Kokusai Hotel, Co., Ltd.
5-10 Ote-machi, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido 040-0064 Japan
Personal Information Protection Management:
Hakodate Kokusai Hotel, Co., Ltd. Compliance Team
E-mail Address:

Personal Information of Minors

Our website is not intended for use by minors. We do not intentionally collect personal information from minors. Minors are permitted to use this website with the consent or monitoring of a parent or guardian.

Handling Cookies

Our website may use cookies. In such instances, cookies will be utilized to improve convenience when using the site, and will not be used to identify the customer’s personal information. While it is possible to block all cookies through your browser settings, please note that this may prevent stable access to our website.

Use of Cookies by Third Party Companies

A third-party company’s system may be used when utilizing cookies. In order to analyze user access and optimally distribute advertisements, statistical information on usage is acquired using cookies from third party companies, and advertisements are distributed via third-party companies. Under no circumstances will the user be personally identified by the cookies used by third-party companies to distribute advertisements and analyze access. The following third-party companies’ services are used to distribute advertisements and analyze access to our company’s website. Click on the link of the third-party company’s website to see how that company uses cookies. In addition, to disable cookies, go to the opt out page of the third-party companies listed at the bottom of this page, and follow the procedure for disabling cookies. Note that you may encounter limitations to each service when you disable (opt out of) cookies.

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*While each analytics tool collects customer information using cookies, none of the information collected identifies the person.
The cookies collected and used by each analytics tool are handled according to the privacy policy of the respective company.
If a customer wishes to block cookies from being collected on our website, they may opt out via the list of opt out pages below.

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Security Measures for Personal Information

In order to maintain the security of a customer’s transmitted personal information on our site, we provide protection through SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer: a security function that encrypts and transmits information through the Internet).
When a customer uses a browser compliant with SSL encryption, transmitting and receiving of encrypted personal information becomes enabled.

Supervision for Employees and Contractors

Our company imposes employee confidentiality when dealing with personal information, and educates employees on how to protect this personal information.
When our company contracts the management of personal information to a third-party company (including overseas companies), we will execute a confidentiality agreement upon confirming the safety of the contracted company’s personal information protection system.

Name, address, and representative of the business operator handling said personal information

Company Name
Hakodate Kokusai Hotel, Co., Ltd.
5-10 Ote-machi, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido 040-0064 Japan
General Manager